SSIIM Paper Series

Since October 2009 SSIIM UNESCO Chair publishes SSIIM paper series, a series of articles, studies and papers based on scientific research on the multifaceted urban dimensions of international migration.

As a consequence of an increasingly urbanizing world migrants head primarily to cities, especially the globalized metropolises. Cities provide better prospects for income generation; they concentrate most support networks which are so crucial to incoming migrants; they are the main entry points to destination countries; and are information hubs on existing opportunities.

Through the scientific contribution of individual authors, SSIIM Paper Series intends to disseminate research results on the urban dimension(s) of international migration, both in cities of the global North and of the South.


Directors: Marcello Balbo and Giovanna Marconi


Editor in chief: Giovanna Marconi


Editorial Board: Maysa Ayoub (The American University of Cairo, Egypt), Kristen Biehl (University of Oxford, UK), Leticia Calderón Chelius (Instituto Mora, Mexico), Adriano Cancellieri (SSIIM Unesco Chair, Italy), Mirko Marzadro (CONACyT-ITESCA, Mexico), Carlotta Fioretti (Università Roma 3, Italy), Natalia Gavazzo (Universidad de San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Marcela Iglesias (Universidad de Cadiz, Spain), Bruno Monteiro (Universidade do Porto, Portugal), Elena Ostanel (SSIIM Unesco Chair, Italy), Caroline Rozenholc (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Val de Seine, France),


SSIIM Paper Series Vol. 14

SMALL-SIZE CITIES OF DIFFERENCE. An Exploratory Inquiry in Three European Countries di Adriano Cancellieri This paper is set against the background of the increasing cultural and ethnic pluralisation of European society. Research on the urban...


SSIIM Paper Series Vol. 12

Foreign workers in Tel Aviv and political innovation: the redefinition of citizenship in Israel by Caroline Rozenholc Scientific research and daily urban experience show that globalisation increases mobility and contributes to the circulation of norms...


SSIIM Paper Series Vol. 9

Entre el centro y las periferias de la Região Metropolitana de São Paulo: la inserción territorial de los migrantes bolivianos en São Paulo by Iara Rolnik Xavier This paper contributes to a deeper understanding...

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