SSIIM Paper Series Vol. 13

SSIIMpsNo13icoMigrants Sharing the Streets of Cairo – Can they Assert their Right to the City? A Case Study of Sudanese Migrants
di Maysa Ayoub

This paper is a study on international migrants settled in the more than 14 million people metropolitan area of Greater Cairo. The focus is on Sudanese, who represent the largest and oldest group of immigrants in Egypt, most of them living in Cairo. In particular, it is explored how Sudanese street vendors are negotiating and sharing urban space (and their right to it) with poor Cairenes. Through analyzing the use of public space, the paper aims to shed light on the day-to-day interaction between locals and migrants and understand the daily practices that allow or hinder migrant’s inclusion in the city life. The profound changes occurred in these processes after the Egyptian revolution are also highlighted.

scarica SSIIM PS N.13
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