Activities 2 – Venice


Within the framework of SharingSpace Project, between September 2013 and January 2014, 7 researchers from Argentina, South Africa and Mexico will spend a total of 8.5 months as Marie Curie Fellows at the SSIIM Unesco Chair of the University Iuav of Venice.

visiting plan:

1) Sergio Andres Kaminker (IDAES, Buenos Aires),  19  September > 1 November 2013
2) Jo Vearey (ACMS, Johannesburg), 1 October > 26 October 2013
3) Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (ACMS, Johannesburg), 13 October > 3 November 2013
4) Alberto Castillo (Instituto Mora, Mexico City), 28 October > 24 Novembre 2013
5) Santiago Canevaro (IDAES, Buenos Aires), 30 October > 11 December 2013
6) Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (ACMS, Johannesburg), 4 November > 4 December 2013
7) Leticia Calderón Chelius (Instituto Mora, Mexico City), 23 November 2013 > 22 January 2014

Among the main activities carried out by visiting researchers during their stay:


16 October 2013 – h. 10 am > 1 pm: Aula Consiglio, Cà Tron, Santa Croce 1957, Venezia

governing icoINTERNATIONAL SEMINAR – Governing the segregation of migrants in the city: experiences and responses

presentations by:
Elena Ostanel (SSIIM Unesco Chair): “accessibilities and public space in Padua”
Tineke fokkema (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, The Hague): “How to cope with loneliness in a foreign country? A qualitative study among Albanian and Moroccan older migrants in Italy”
Jo Vearey (ACSM): “Segregation and governance: exploring responses to migration and health in Johannesburg”
– Sergio Andres Kaminker (IDAES): “residential segregation in a medium-size city in Patagonia”

introduction: Giovanna Marconi (SSIIM Unesco Chair, Iuav)
chair: Eralba Cela (Università Politecnica delle Marche)


17 October 2013 – h. 9 am > 5.30 pm: Aula A, Terese, Dorsoduro 2206, Venezia

security icoInternational research seminar – Design Practices for Uraban Safety and Security

presentations by SharingSpace researchers:
Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (ACSM): “Public art and public safety, the case of Johannesburg”
Giovanna Marconi (SSIIM Unesco Chair): “SharingSpace. Presentation of the Project”
Sergio Andres Kaminker (IDAES): “From slum to neighboorhood. Informal settlements, safety and presence of State in a mid-size city in the Argentinean Patagonia”
Jo Vearey (ACSM): “Violence in the city: exploring migration and sex work in Johannesburg”



7 November 2013 – h. 7.30 pm: Fondazione Per l’Università e l’Alta Cultura in Provincia di Belluno, Via Borgo Ruga, Feltre (BL)

feltre icoSharingSpace. Narratives and images on international immigration in three global metropolis: Johannesburg, Mexico city, Buenos Aires
Speeches by:
– Alberto Del Castillo (Instituto Mora): “México: un país de tránsito y de migrantes”
– Matthew Wilhem-Solomon (ACMS): “Johannesburg: a Migrant City”
Introduction: Giovanna Marconi (SSIIM)

awareness raising event organized in the framework of the training workshop ‘The governance of international migration in small and medium-size cities: new services for a changing society’ and in collaboration with the Citizenship Workshop promoted by the local government


29 October 2013 – h. 6.30 pm: Sala Nassiriya – Piazza Capitaniato, Padova
– Caroline Wanjiku Kihato: “The right to land in South Africa: what practices to support it.”. Initiative organized within the framework of the ‘Days of International Cooperation’ promoted by the Municipality of Padua-Department of International Cooperation in collaboration with the Table of International Cooperation.


1 October 2013 – h. 10 am: Palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468, 30125 Venezia
“Residential segregation and migration. A conceptual and political review from the LA context” by Sergio Andres Kaminker.
PhD Program in Regional Planning and Public Policy, School of Doctorate Studies, Iuav University of Venice


22 October 2013 – h. 10 am: Palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468, 30125 Venezia
“Seeing the city: alternative methods for creative urban planning” by Caroline Wanjiku Kihato and Jo Vearey.
PhD Program in Regional Planning and Public Policy, School of Doctorate Studies, Iuav University of Venice


29 October 2013 – h. 10 am: Cà Tron, Santa Croce 1957, 30125 Venezia
“Urban Land Markets in Africa: Consequences for urban development” by Caroline Wanjiku Kihato. Iuav Graduate Degree Programme on Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments, Course on “Developing Countries City”


2 December h. 2.30 pm & 3 December h. 10 am: Aula C2, Badoer

collettiva icoSharingSpace Lectures: research on intercultural cities and collective space

– “Socio-ethnic segregation in Lisbon – dynamics and patterns in a period of crisis”Jorge Malheiros(CEG-IGOT)
“The ‘Bad Buildings’  of Inner-City Johannesburg: An Anthropological Perspective on the Migration and Urban Housing Policy”Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (ACMS)
“From private to public spaces: labor market and urban policies addressing peruvian domestic workers in Buenos Aires”Santiago Canevaro (IDAES)
introduction: Giovanna Marconi (SSIIM)

PhD Program in Regional Planning and Public Policy, School of Doctorate Studies, Iuav University of Venice


10 December h.9.30 am: Padua

 “Afecto, intimidad y mercado en las relaciones entre trabajadoras domésticas y empleadoras en Buenos Aires” by Santiago Canevaro (IDAES). University of Padua, School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage, Course on Educational Sciences


13 October: Meeting with representatives of the Mexican community in Venice (“Casa della Cultura Latinoamericana a Venezia“), who presented to the visiting researchers the several activities they promote in order to foster the integration of Mexicans in the city and promote the knowledge of the Latin American culture among Italian residents

18 October and 21 November: visits to the clinic led by Emergency (NGO) in Marghera, where visiting researchers had the opportunity to learn about the services offered (in particular medical assistance to both documented and undocumented migrants), the approach adopted, the challenges faced, etc.

24 October and 5 December: Visits to the ‘Immigration and Citizen Right Promotion Service’ of the Municipality of Venice, running since 1990 and providing crucial support and advice to migrant residents, aid in case of need and easy access to the territory’s services by countering any forms of discrimination. They were presented facts and figures about immigration in the city, the holistic approach adopted by the Service and a detailed description of the several inclusive projects (including many EU-EFI funded projects) the Municipality has implemented along the years.

21 November: meeting with the NGO “Razzismo Stop” (Stop racism) in Padua, working since 1994 with refugee population from Africa, mainly landed on Southern Italian shores and displaced in several Italian cities among which Padua, to whom they offer first aid, temporary shelter, Italian language courses and legal advice.

22 November: Meetings in Padua with two key stakeholders working for migrants’ inclusion in the city: i) Cooperativa Orizzonti (Horizon cooperative) providing cultural mediators to local schools, hospitals and jail and  ii) Associazione Avvocato di Strada (Street Lawyer association) providing legal assistance to homeless, most of which are foreigners.

25 October and 13 November: Study visits to two neighbourhoods in Padua (Via anelli e Arcella) particularly relevant for the Project research theme and on which IUAV-SSIIM researchers carried out several studies.

7 December: Study visit to “Cita” in Marghera (Venice), the neighbourhood with the highest concentration of foreign residents in the municipality.


feltre ufficio ssiim meeting nel campo

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